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MACE Triple-Action Pepper SPRAY 2-PACK Self-Defense 80136 80836 Up To 12 ft!

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 Product Description

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UPC Code: 022188801361
UPC Code: 022188808360
Manufacturer: Mace Security International
Model: Personal
Model: Triple Action
Type: Pepper Spray
Size: 18gm
Description: w/ Keychain
Manufacturer Part #: 80136 / 80836
Pack of Two Mace Triple Action Defense Sprays, Personal model
One of our most popular defense sprays... 
Mace Triple Action combines the Maximum Strength Formula of OC Pepper and Invisible UV Marking Dye with the added power of CN Tear Gas that induces profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorients an attacker. The advantage of Mace Triple Action is that you don't necessarily have to spray your attacker directly in the face, even if you miss and hit them in the chest, the tear gas will immediately start to affect them. This Triple Action Personal model features the original Mace Flip & Grip design for safe and fumble-free defense. The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. Additionally, its key chain makes it easy to always carry on you including in a pocket, purse, or backpack. You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF in a threatening situation with the extreme power of Triple Action Formula… 1% OC Pepper, invisible UV marking dye that can help police identify your attacker, and CN Tear Gas. Just spray and get away! 
Technical Specs
Mace Pepper Sprays are formulated to be a safe, effective, and less-than-lethal means of self defense. Effects: Mace Pepper Spray is a formulation of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers. Upon direct facial contact, OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin with extreme discomfort of vision and the respiratory system. CN Tear Gas (omega-chloroacetophenone) is a lachrymator which stimulates the corneal nerves in the eyes to cause profuse tearing and pain. Tear Gas works as an immobilizer by irritating mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs causing profuse tearing, shortness of breath, and disorientation. Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes. Use: For maximum effect and range, it is recommended to prepare Pepper Spray for immediate use with a few rapid shakes prior to taking aim and discharging at your attacker. Deploy Pepper Spray by using thumb or forefinger to depress trigger in short 2 to 3 second bursts, Pepper Spray can be quickly dispensed if trigger is continously depressed. Safety: Strong irritant, keep out of reach of children. Read instructions and first-aid directions included with your Pepper Spray prior to use. If accidentally exposed to Pepper Spray, remove contaminated contact lenses and clothing immediately, flush effected areas with plenty of cool water and expose to fresh air as soon as possible. Spray canisters are under pressure, do not puncture or incinerate. Storage: Store in cool dry areas away from heat, flame or strong sunlight. Do not store where temperature may exceed 120°F/50°C such as an enclosed vehicle, which can cuase spray canisters to leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store in cold environments below 32°F/0°C, which can cause depressurization and the loss of effective range. 
Expiration: Mace Pepper Spray has an approximate shelf-life of 4 years, each unit is labeled with an expiration date. Expired units may have reduced effectiveness and loss of range or fail to function, and should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.
Additional Information
Color: No
Formula & Model: 1% OC Pepper + UV Dye + CN Tear Gas
Weight: 18 grams
Dimensions: Approx. 4.25 h x 1 w x 1.25 d
Spray Pattern: Stream
Range: 8-12'
Number of Bursts: Up to 20
Features: Flip Top Safety, Finger Grip Dispenser, Key Chain
MA State Restriction: Yes
NY State Restriction: Yes
Product Manual: No

This item not available for shipment to residents in HI, MA, or NY. Other restrictions may apply.

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